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July 2015
read and rated
reviewed: Fairies and Steampunk and Bloodshed, oh my, or my review of The Falconer
I’m going to say this a lot, but this was a typical YA novel which really failed to grab my interest. Overall it was a pleasa...
The Falconer - Elizabeth May
read and rated
reviewed: Not your grandmother's stitching, or my review for Stitching Snow
RC Lewis’s debut was a delight. Essie was a fantastic character from her sometimes surly attitude to her ability to take care...
Stitching Snow - R.C. Lewis
read and rated
reviewed: When I say Magnum Opus, or my review of American Gods
I’m really bad at rating books, but a 5-star book is DEFINITELY anything that forced me to sit and re-evaluate my life afterw...
American Gods - Neil Gaiman
read and rated
reviewed: You probably should have figured out that your mom is a psychic before now, or my review of Fire in Frost
When it comes to discovering that you are psychic, there really isn’t a worse time than the day that you start your period fo...
Fire in Frost - Alicia Rades
read and rated
reviewed: What Happens After the End of the World, or my review of Runemarks
You know, a lot of people go all gloom and doom about the end of the world, without ever bothering to ask ‘what happens next?...
Runemarks - Joanne Harris
read and rated
reviewed: Quit hating on each other and just makeout, or my review of The Storyspinner
So, this is an interesting book, in the sense that I went into it expecting it to be highly predictable and I finished it dyi...
The Storyspinner - Becky Wallace
July 2015
read and rated
reviewed: That awkward moment when you don't die and everything changes, or our reviews of Emerald Green
Emily ~ This book, once again, lived up to my established expectations for Kerstin Geir: it was fun, clever, witty, and fast-...
Emerald Green (Precious Stone Trilogy, #3) - Kerstin Gier, Anthea Bell
read and rated