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That awkward moment when you don't die and everything changes, or our reviews of Emerald Green

Emerald Green (Precious Stone Trilogy, #3) - Kerstin Gier, Anthea Bell

Emily ~ This book, once again, lived up to my established expectations for Kerstin Geir: it was fun, clever, witty, and fast-paced with a delightful heroine who I have grown to love even more since the first book. The book opens with Gwen once again at odds with Gideon, dreading attending a ball with the creepy-as-hell Count Saint-Germain, and in the dark to most of the goings of the secret society that is based around her inherited time travel capabilities.


Rosi ~ Here is what I will say about this book: it was a rousing ending to (I’m going to use this word again) a romp of a series. It delivers everything promised in the first two books, and in spades: strange magic, sinister forces, love, friendship, and quite a lot more.


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