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Historical couch snogging, or our reviews of Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue - Kerstin Gier

Emily ~ Sapphire Blue is very much a middle book. It builds on aspects from the previous book and leaves, and creates, some seriously big questions to be answered in the last installment. It also picks up immediately where the last book left off, so, if you are reading the books back to back, they kind of flow into one another. Which is a good and bad thing. You don’t miss any action, or, rather, snogging, and the already very fast paced story doesn’t lose any time. However, the first book ended quite abruptly and the sequel started on a similar note.


Rosi ~ I'm going to be honest: this is a book I simply cannot remember details about. I blame most of it on the very quick pace, which means that I tend to race through this one to get to the third. It might also be a bit of middle book problems, though. Anyways, that aside, it is still a wonderful book, that really gets into the heart of the world Gier is giving us.


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