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The travel bug and stomach butterflies, or our reviews of Ruby Red

Ruby Red - Kerstin Gier

Emily ~ This book was fantastic and all kinds of fun. While not necessarily a work of great depth, it gets five stars for a lovely, humorous, and spunky main character and an expansive cast of minor characters with diverse personalities. The concept was also wildly unique, I have yet to come across a plot quite like it and approached with skill similar to Gier’s. She is able to make you fall in love with Gwyneth after only knowing her for a few days, book time, and feel immediate apprehension when meeting the intimidating and fairly scary Count Saint-Germain and his belladonna-imbibing sidekick Rakoczy.


Rosi ~ Goodness, it’s really hard to know how to start this off. I mean, in the first place, all of the books seem to muddle together into one big story in my mind. They’re all very fast-paced, and it feels like the instant I get to the end of one I HAVE to race into the other one...but, for the sake of the reviews, I shall try.


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