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When your dad’s past comes back to bite him in the bum, or my review of Threats of Sky and Sea

Threats of Sky and Sea (3 Book Series) - Jennifer Ellision

Every once in a while, you read a book that is totally predictable. However, said book is such a wonderfully amazing take on typical predictable plot choices, with amazing settings and characters and writing, that the fact that you know how it is going to end doesn’t even matter. This is because everything that happens in between the introduction and the big reveal is just too awesome and makes a plot that sounds predictable anything but. This is what Threats of Sky and Sea does, and now Jennifer Ellision is on my permanent to-buy list. You can hear more about this permanent to-buy list later. For now, I’ll tell you why you need to read this book: when a book opens itself up to tropes but doesn’t fall into them, you must read that book.


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