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It was supposed to be a simple carjacking and kidnapping, or our review of Daughter of the Witch Queen Part 2

Emily ~ In part two of Daughters of the Witch Queen, Silver and Kaija once again draw you into their odd little London. The ante is upped and Nic, who just wanted a smoke, is close to being catatonic, which is not exactly surprising as we left him last time kidnapped in a car with a talking raven and a girl who is neither afraid of carjacking nor threatening to stab people.

Rosi ~ I’m not entirely sure why this didn’t grab me like it did the first part...maybe because beginnings tend to be natural hooks? Or maybe because it does jump straight in where we left off with Nicholas and Rain in Part I. It relies on a continuity that is there only if you have read Part I immediately beforehand (which everyone probably should).


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Source: http://bibliobibuliya.com/2015/05/05/it-was-suppose-to-be-a-simple-carjacking-and-kidnappingor-my-review-of-daughter-of-the-witch-queen-part-2