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Operation Organized Chaos, or my review of Demons at Deadnight

Demons at Deadnight - A&E Kirk

The first book in A & E Kirk’s Divinicus Nex chronicles, Demons at Deadnight, is delightfully funny and has a broad cast of fantastic characters with unique personalities. Even the enemies they interacted with, however briefly, were unique. Our protagonist Aurora handles the oddity of being able to see mythological creatures with a witty sense of humor and has ditched the invitation to her own pity party. In the wake of a traumatic experience at the hands of her so called friends, Aurora and her large and chaotic family have moved back to her childhood town. There she reunites with her childhood friends only to find that the entire group has drastically changed in the years since she saw them last. They are also annoyingly secretive and may have information that can make sense of why Aurora is suddenly a magnet for all things demon. They also seem to have acquired the nickname the Hex Boys.


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