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Em and Rosi decided to make a book blog. This is what happened.



It was suppose to be a simple vacation, or our reviews of Daughters of the Witch Queen, Part 1

Here at Bibliobibuli YA, we are big fans of Run Freak Run, and when we heard Silver and Kaija were giving readers a chance to review their new project, Rosi and I were beyond excited and quickly responded in the affirmative. So, here is the review of part one of Daughters of the Witch Queen, the review for part two will be up tomorrow. Wednesday, Rosi, the lucky turnip, will be posting a write-up about the time she went and had lunch with Silver and Kaija. Thursday will probably present more nonsense. In the meantime, go and check out the Daughters of the Witch Queen site because it has all kinds of amazing artwork of the characters, from the quite normal Nicholas to the man with no eyeballs, and much more stuff soon.


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